Unveilling the new main CSGO Team

Struggling to find a perfect Swedish mixture with our recent departures, we saw this as a perfect opportunity to assemble for the first time in our Couter Strike history an international team. Another challenge but with the same philosophy, build a team around young and talented players and veteran players !

autocollant-drapeau-roumanieCosmin-Mihai ‘cosmeeeN’ Butuc

telechargementOwen ‘smooya’ Butterfield

téléchargement (1)Lasse ‘maeVe’ Elgaard

seAndré ‘BARBARR’ Möller

seFredrik ‘freddieb’ Buö

In the process, We came to an agreement on transfer terms with the UK organisation Endpoint to acquire Smooya. We would like to thank Endpoint and wish them best of luck in the future.

ConsmeeeN is with Smooya one of the youngest player of this roster, He is sharing his first words under Epsilon Esports colours :

“I would like to thanks Nexus Gaming for all their support. Without this key element I don’t think I would have reached this level.
Few days ago, I was asked by Barbarr if I was willing to join Epsilon as a player, I thought It was a dream… After checking it was real I accepted gladly.I Would like to thank Epsilon Esports and their sponsors for the opportunity. I hope to make my family , my friends and my Romanian fans proud!”

We are aware of the risk we are taking by taking young players. However, as we did with Flusha, JW, Draken, Rez, Disco Doplan and many others we want to give them the opportunity to shine on a big stage !